Apex Journal

Since we started this journey in 2017, we’ve proudly shared our story with everyone we can. From our initial launch almost 4 years ago, we’ve strived to showcase the power of the most non-toxic alloy […]

The Apex “Round Up” Program   Conservation is everyone’s prerogative and responsibility, to leave a lasting, sustainable legacy for our next generation. At Apex, we’re just as focused on these efforts as we are as […]

By: Jake Stanisch When hunters talk about fall and hunting season, many of their minds race forward to cool November mornings spent sitting in their tree stand. Many states have even legalized crossbows for all […]

By: Nick Charney Like all professionals, success has been found in the disciplined routines of the off-season, which ultimately lay the foundation for the next. As hunters, we’re looking forward to that next successful hunt […]

By: Jake Stanisch Whether this is your first season or your 20th, missing is a fairly common instance for any hunter, but often enough we do well enough to bring some birds home from time […]

By: Nick Charney The modern shotshell cartridge has come a long way from the product that is commonly used today. The current brass head, plastic casing, one-piece wad and variety of shot options have been […]

Using Wild Turkey Legs & Thighs By: Nick Charney As the 2021 season comes to a close, with the last two weeks across the farthest northern parts of the country, that feeling of “turkey depression” […]

By: Nick Charney We offer the most comprehensive line of TSS shotshells in the industry today because we believe every gun should operate at its maximum potential. From pellets as large as BB for Big […]

We’ve all been conditioned to think that if a little bit of something is good, then more must be better! Well, when it comes to velocity in shotshells, it’s more of a law of diminishing […]

The greatest advance in shotshell performance history has been TSS. Due to its density, uniformity, and hardness, TSS is the most lethal USFWS non-toxic approved alloy ever created and put into a cartridge. In this […]

Patterning your shotgun is one of the most essential things we can do in the off season. While a very common practice for turkey hunters, waterfowl, upland and predator hunters tend to see it as […]