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Hand built turkey rounds


We’re an American company, Veteran owned, operated, and located in the great state of Mississippi. Our main focus is on providing you, our customers and community, with the absolute best turkey and waterfowl hunting experience possible – from your initial purchase to delivering your most successful hunt possible. That’s the APEX experience.

What started with a few handmade shells for a hunting trip with buddies has become our obsession to provide waterfowl hunters with the absolute best performing ammunition in the business.

In 2017, we launched APEX Ammunition. We did it with a dedication to creating the best hunting experience possible for a passionate and growing base of customers. And not just any customers, but fellow hunters and conservationists. Folks just like us, who value not just the end result, but the entire process getting there.

Our customer base has dramatically grown since our humble beginnings. But our focus has stayed the same. At APEX, we are passionate about what we do and where we’re going. The possibilities are endless when you frame a product in the context of performance rather than profitability.

Our enduring commitment to design, test, evaluate and introduce new ideas that better capture the experience is the driving force of our continuing innovation.

Our job is and always will be to interact with our customers in ways that enrich their lives. We want them to know they can always trust APEX. Our journey is to continually build a legacy that offers uncompromised quality and performance, and document that process as transparently as possible with our customers through as many avenues as possible.


5.00 out of 5

Hurry up and make some more. I am buying as much as I can this time. This stuff is an absolute stober knocker. If you want to have a bird that you can mount this is the load to use, bc I promise you when you hit em they will not flop.

-Ryan Harkins


5.00 out of 5

I picked this load up last year at the NWTF convention after speaking with the guys. First off I'd like to say that everyone in this company that I e had any interaction with has been first class. Secondly, this load is.k e of the absolute best turkey loads I have ever tested. This shell took several PA longbeards last year and looking forward to using them again this year.

-Adam R. Shreckengost


5.00 out of 5

I’m always looking for a great turkey load and have shot just about every there is. This green leaf load is amazing and by far the best load ever!! Thanks Apex for the best turkey load EVER!!! Keep up the great work!



5.00 out of 5

.410 load all I can say is outstanding

-Brian wade
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