Turning Your 20 Gauge into a 10 Gauge

November 11, 2020

The greatest advance in shotshell performance history has been TSS. Due to its density, uniformity, and hardness, TSS is the most lethal USFWS non-toxic approved alloy ever created and put into a cartridge. In this article, Randy Wakeman from Randy Wakeman Outdoors breaks down the science and demonstrates just how one ounce of TSS # 8 out performs and penetrates a traditional #2 lead shot using a new 20 gauge 3″ 1oz shotshell offered in our “Small Batch Series” lineup.

For the hunter that patterns his/her shotgun, there are only two basic considerations. First, one must have pellets of sufficient penetration and resultant tissue disruption to actually be lethal at the ranges we use them. Second, we need sufficient pattern density to ensure hits to vitally critical, quickly lethal areas of what we hunt, at the ranges we hunt. Combining less recoil, more pellets on target and the most lethal USFWS non-toxic alloy ever approved make any subgauge as lethal as any big bore has ever dreamed of becoming.

To read the full in-depth article and review from Randy Wakeman on our 20 gauge “Small Batch Series” line and its versatility, (CLICK HERE).


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