Behind The Brand

August 31, 2020

Since we started this journey in 2017, we’ve proudly shared our story with everyone we can.

From our initial launch almost 4 years ago, we’ve strived to showcase the power of the most non-toxic alloy the USFWS has ever approved; TSS. Even more so, we’ve made it our mission to highlight how density relates to ultimately more lethal pellets on target and share the “Science Behind The Shot.”

This past spring, we sat down with our friends from Split Reed, who run a comprehensive platform for all things waterfowl and turkey. Here, we chatted with Ryan Barnes on how we started the company, why we’re so passionate about what we do and why bringing TSS to the market is such a revolutionary concept for shooters of all backgrounds.


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Why We Pattern at 40 Yards in 10 & 30 Targets
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