Supporting conservation efforts with Turkeys For Tomorrow

September 27, 2021

The Apex “Round Up” Program  

Conservation is everyone’s prerogative and responsibility, to leave a lasting, sustainable legacy for our next generation. At Apex, we’re just as focused on these efforts as we are as building shotshells. Today, non-profit organizations are in need of our help more than ever to fund research initiatives in order to help make informed decisions on the future of wild game management.

Recently, which you may have seen, we took the opportunity and revitalized our county’s local NWTF chapter in order to bring our community together and support the NWTF’s efforts in Mississippi. We set a goal to raise $100,000 dollars in which we succeeded. These resources will go directly back in support of the Mississippi NTWF organization to aid in land and game management improvements for our turkey hunting community. Now, we’re helping take that one step further with our next conservation support initiative.

You’ll begin to notice a new feature on the checkout page of our website. At the bottom of your order summary, right before you click submit, you’ll see the option to check a box and “Round Up” your purchase to the nearest dollar. 100% of those donations, from every customer that chooses to contribute, will go directly to Turkeys For Tomorrow. We’ve created this as the Apex “Round Up” program that will allow our entire community to come together and help us contribute to another great organization that will help us shape the future of our wild turkey.

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Supporting conservation efforts with Turkeys For Tomorrow 1

Turkeys for Tomorrow is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to supporting science, conservation, education, and hunting traditions for American’s wild turkey resource to ensure we all have turkeys for tomorrow. Despite the organization’s recent formation, Turkeys for Tomorrow has already partnered with the Alabama Wildlife Federation and other groups to conduct research aimed at determining factors affecting eastern wild turkey populations throughout their range. Your donations will help continue this effort and others like it.

This project will begin in spring 2022, and use a comprehensive approach to examine fertility rates of jakes and toms, how landscape composition, property management, and hunting pressure affect gobbler abundance, and factors affecting nest success and brood survival. This will involve collection of data at both the property and landscape levels across a variety of public and privately owned study areas, making the results broadly applicable across the turkey’s range. The actionable information gained through this research will be relevant to state wildlife agencies, public land managers, and private land managers. By rounding up on your purchase, 100% of your donation will go directly to supporting the continuation and expansion of this work.

As our duty to the current and next generation, as well as the wild turkey, we can utilize this research to help wildlife managers make objective, data based decisions at the landowner, state and local levels so we ensure we can all have turkeys for tomorrow.


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