The TSS Difference

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Density is king. We’ve led the industry with the design and manufacturing of our game-changing high-density Tungsten Super Shot (TSS). An industry first, TSS is made from a 18.1 g/cc density tungsten alloy, which means the shot size can be reduced and pattern retention is increased. That means sending more shot down range with increased knockdown power. And our TSS shotshells deliver the most consistent patterns in the industry. APEX utilizes this ultra-high-density tungsten shot in its Turkey, Upland, Waterfowl and Predator hunting loads.


The powerful component behind our TSS shells is Tungsten. It is the highest density non-toxic metal that is approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The premise is straight forward, when the density is increased, the shot size can be reduced without losing knockdown performance. Lead has a density of 11.34g/cc giving it more inertia and energy at impact than steel shot which comes in at 7.86g/cc. That is why lead was predominately offered in smaller shot while our common steel loads are in larger sizes; mass of the pellet making up for the lack of density. Alternative non-toxic alloys have been created with densities as high as 13-15 g/cc. None, however, have ever come close to our TSS, which has the ultimate density of 18.1 g/cc. This superior alloy allows the versatility to put more shot in unmatched payloads creating the most effective pattern.

Shot Count Per Ounce
TSS #2TSS #4TSS #5TSS #6TSS #7TSS #7 1/2TSS #8TSS #8 1/2TSS #9
Shot Count Per Shell
2 1/2 oz2 1/4 oz2 oz1 5/8 oz1 3/8 oz
#9 Shot905 pellets814 pellets724 pellets590 pellets498 pellets
#8.5 Shot770 pellets693 pellets616 pellets500 pellets423 pellets
#8 Shot635 pellets570 pellets510 pellets410 pellets350 pellets
#7.5 Shot550 pellets495 pellets440 pellets358 pellets302 pellets
#4 Shot208 pellets186 pellets166 pellets135 pellets114 pellets
#2 Shot135 pellets121 pellets108 pellets87 pellets74 pellets
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