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***3″ 12ga not recommended for use with Remington V3***

Our new Turkey NINJA Series TSS line in partnership with Woodhaven Custom Calls features a whole new shot size in our most renowned payloads only offered by Apex.

The Ninja Series is packed with our highly polished, dense and uniform 8 1/2 shot that combines the knock down power of 8s with the pattern density of 9s, creating the best of both worlds

This year we also debuted the world’s first 7/8oz payload in a 410 Bore adding to the best patterning, hardest hitting subgauge line ever offered.



12 Gauge 3 1/2″ 2 1/2 oz 8 1/2 shot 1175 FPS (5 Cartridges per box) 

12 Gauge 3″ 2 1/4 oz 8 1/2  shot 1190 FPS (5 Cartridges per box)

20 Gauge 3″ 1 5/8 oz 8 1/2 shot 1175 FPS (5 Cartridges per box)

28 Gauge 2 3/4″ 1 3/8 oz 8 1/2 shot 1040 FPS (5 Cartridges per box)

.410 Bore 3″ 7/8 oz 9 1/2 shot 1060 FPS (10 Cartridges per box)



12 Gauge 3 1/2″ : 775

12 Gauge 3″ : 698

20 Gauge 3″ : 504

28 Gauge 2 3/4″ : 411

410 Bore 3″ : 403

8 reviews for Turkey Ninja Series

  1. Scott Birdwell (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Excellent patterns. Even with a short gun( 20” barrel )

  2. David

    Apex ammo is just good stuff. Not saying it kills a bird any more dead than my longbeard XRs did, but I’m certainly a lot more confident with this stuff. Patterns are amazing.

  3. Jeremy Floyd (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing ammo. I’ve shot it out of several different shotguns and the patterns are excellent out to 40. Even patterns good to 50yds out of my Steven’s 301 with factory turkey choke. This is my turkey load of choice.

  4. Roland Takayama (verified owner)

    Wasn’t completely satisfied with the patterns my girlfriend’s Stevens 301 was throwing with the stock choke. Coupled with a Patternmaster Code Black Turkey choke, the Apex Ninja TSS resulted in immediate improvements. She killed a nice 2nd year tom with one shot at a measured 36 yards the first week of the California season.

  5. Matthew gates (verified owner)

    The pattern density is second to none and it’s the hardest hitting shells out there !

  6. Matthew gates (verified owner)

    Pattern density is second to none!

  7. John S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Apex for quite a while now, and honestly, I haven’t found a shell that doesn’t shoot well, in any gauge/bore. The 20ga. Ninja shoot exceptional through my SX4 with a Sumtoy 562-3. The #8 and STB are great as well, with the STB having the hottest core, and tightest overall pattern. Do yourself a favor and put a good optic on your setup, unless you’re going to use a stock improved cylinder or stock full choke. These pattern very tight! Which, I love. Give Apex a try, and see why so many of us are using their products. God Bless!

  8. Jim (verified owner)

    Awesome ammunition patterns great

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