12ga 2-3/4″ 2oz


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Can This Ship to You?

We all have a gun that means a little more than the others. Sometimes, its only chambered in a 2 3/4″ chambered 12 gauge. We went to the drawing board and created the best 2 3/4″ 12 gauge balancing, speed, payload and pattern retention.

Available in shot sizes 9, 8 and 7.5  we pack a 2 ounce load and send it down range at 1200 fps velocity, you have all the advantages of dense patterns and extended kill range as the other guys in the woods.  Number 9 shot TSS hits with the same kinetic energy as a number 5 lead but due to its’ smaller size, carries further with the same deadly force.


Shot Count:

9 Shot: 724

8 Shot: 510

7.5 Shot: 440


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