28ga 2-3/4″ 1-3/8 oz

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5.00 out of 5

Can This Ship to You?

The 28 gauge is the most underrated subgauge out there, period. Its no secret by now that TSS has revolutionized the subgauge line and the 28 is no exception. Loaded with 1 3/8ox of shot, you can choose either 9 1/2 or 9 shot for maximum pattern density. At 1040 FPS it holds your pattern at range that not even a 3 1/2″ lead 12 gauge can achieve.

Shot count per shot size:

#9.5: 610

#9: 477

1 review for 28ga 2-3/4″ 1-3/8 oz

  1. L.R. Smith (verified owner)

    I killed all my turkeys (TN:3, NC:1) this season with Apex 28 ga. 9’s…from 10-40 yds…birds didn’t even kick…thought HeviShot was magic, but this stuff is magic-er!

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