Some TSS Insight: the .410

January 21, 2018

The thing about TSS is, a lot of folks are still trying to wrap their minds around how and why it is so superior. Bottom line is, that it gets the job done better than any of it’s predecessors but what really makes it so, well….magical?  Sit back for a good lesson on the smallest round we carry as Apex Ammunition Pro Staffer, Devin Duncan, gives us some schooling on how the .410 comes out with a big punch.

Apex Ammunition Pro Staffer: Devin Duncan

-Our .410 Turkey load is a 3″ 27/32 of a Oz load of #9.5 TSS shooting at 1060fps.
-There are 366 +\- #9.5 TSS pellets in the 27/32oz load.
-TSS #9.5’s energy fall between #5 & #6 Lead shot.

Facts to wrap your brain around…

•There are 346 +\- #5 lead pellets in a 2oz 12ga load
•There are roughly 20 more #9.5 TSS pellets in our 27/32oz .410 load than in a #5 lead in a 2oz 12ga load!

•There are roughly 444 +\- #6 lead pellets in a 2oz 12ga load
•There are only 78 +\- more #6 lead pellets in a 2oz 12ga load than there is #9.5 TSS pellets in our 27/32oz .410 load!

•The most common heavy lead load is 11/16 of an oz.
• There is only 119 +\- #5 lead and only 153 +\- #6 lead pellets in a 11/16oz load.

Ahh! The wheels are starting to turn now huh?
Light weight guns, less recoil, pattern density, and LETHAL!

In the pictures are 4 patterns shot with a Yildiz SPZ ME .410 O/U with 26″ barrels, .385″ Comp n Choke choke in the top barrel and a Modified Choke in the bottom barrel with our 27/32oz 9.5 .410 load.

The 40 yard pattern has 187 in the 10″ and 126 in the 20″ and 86% of the load is inside the 20″ circle.

The second one is 50 yards. 50 yards was tested to see how much cushion room this set up had for misjudging 40 yards. At 50 yards it had 81 in the 10″ and 150 in the 20″ 63% of the load inside the 20″ and a very nice and even pattern.

With a properly set up .410 you can hunt without handicap to 40-50 yards. Double barrels… O/U’s (Over and Under) and SxS’s (Side by Side) with threaded barrels are a great route for a wicked .410 set up. Run a Turkey choke in your best shooting barrel for your 30 plus yard shots and a Improved Cylinder or Modified choke in the other for 30 and under yard shots.

With the same Yildiz running a modified choke in the bottom barrel we are getting a 10″ pattern at 12 steps. 182 in the 10″ and 127 in the 20″ at 30 yards.

One gun, 2 different patterns, for 2 different situations. If the Gobbler is under 30 yards select the modified barrel for a more open more forgiving pattern for close range shots. If the gobbler is over 30 yards select the Turkey choke barrel for a tighter pattern to carry pattern density down range.


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