By: Nick Charney The modern shotshell cartridge has come a long way from the product that is commonly used today. The current brass head, plastic casing, one-piece wad and variety of shot options have been […]

By: Nick Charney We offer the most comprehensive line of TSS shotshells in the industry today because we believe every gun should operate at its maximum potential. From pellets as large as BB for Big […]

We’ve all been conditioned to think that if a little bit of something is good, then more must be better! Well, when it comes to velocity in shotshells, it’s more of a law of diminishing […]

In our previous write-ups we discussed exactly what TSS is and how it’s density relates to performance. In this piece, we will talk about velocity and its relationship to shotshell pellets.  Are the speed numbers […]

Written By: Nick Charney The Ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes was tasked by the king of Syracuse to determine if a crown he had built out of gold was indeed 100% pure. The king had heard […]

The thing about TSS is, a lot of folks are still trying to wrap their minds around how and why it is so superior. Bottom line is, that it gets the job done better than […]

The latest rave of popularity in the Shotshell world over the past couple of years has been the increasing use of Tungsten Super Shot. Most commonly referred to as “TSS,” which refers to a high-density […]