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EP 132 – Building Confidence w/ Chip Davis

February 24, 2023

On this weeks Fireside Chat Heath and I are joined by Chip Davis, of Mississippi. Chip is an avid turkey hunter, trapper and a very knowledgable woodsman who has completed the U.S. Super Slam. We discussed 



  • Chip’s Turkey Hunting Journey
  • Pre-Hunt Preperation 
  • Reliving Memorable Hunts
  • Balancing Time Between Family and Chasing Your Dreams
  • Importance of Predator Management For The Turkey Population 


Apex Ammunition

Apex has recently released an a new turkey shell for 2023, called, the Mossy Oak Turkey Greenleaf TSS. Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey TSS is a unique duplex blend of No.9 TSS over No.10 TSS. Offered in a  3″ 12 Gauge (2-1/4oz) and 20 Gauge (1-5/8oz).






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