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EP 133 – Living Your Best Life Outdoors w/ Cuz Strickland

March 10, 2023

Heath and I are coming at you live from the 2023 NWTF Convention and Sportshow with a Fireside Chat with Cuz Strickland, of Mossy Oak. We had a conversation at the 2023 NWTF Convention about the benefits of living the outdoors lifestyle, the importance of mentoring new hunters, making it a family affair and much more! 

Some of the topics we got into, included: 


  • The value of someone’s time
  • Living your best life outdoors
  • The value of introducing “born again hunters”
  • What’s old is what’s new
  • Embracing good technology in hunting
  • Never before heard story from The Truth 1 


Apex Ammunition 

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