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EP 131 – Why We Do What We Do w/ Tetra Hearing

February 10, 2023

Welcome to this weeks Fireside Chat w/ Jake Stanisch and Heath Hancock. We sat down with the boys from Tetra Hearing, recapped all of our 2022 Spring Turkey Seasons and much more! Tetra is one of a few of the companies in the outdoor space who are truly “game changers”. Doctor Bill and his team have drastically improved many folks lives since he founded Tetra.  


Some other topics we covered include: 

– Spring 2022 Recap

– Land Management Series

– Industrial Hearing Protection 

– Other uses for Tetra Hearing (aside from hunting/outdoor protection ((including custom options))

– Heath’s personal Tetra experience 



Apex Ammunition 

Nothing hits harder and kills quicker than Apex’s TSS rounds. Their customer service is top notch and they have a great group of guys calling the shots. Check them out for yourself and experience your best shot. 



Tetra Hearing 

Doctor Bill and his partner Doctor Dave have designed a hearing protection device for the hunter and outdoorsman that truly is a gamechanger. The Tetra Hearing Devices allow the hunter to maintain crystal clear communication with their buddies, bird dogs and game animals they hunt; while maintaining hearing protection in anticipation of the shot occurring. Tetra is truly a product that I trust myself and would reccommend to every hunter out there! 




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