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Episode 78 (Part 1 of 2) – Scouting Strategies to Maximize Success With Limited Hunting Time w/ Devin Duncan

September 15, 2020

– Devin’s summer scouting update

– Defining mountains vs big woods

– E-Scouting for mountain bucks

– Boots on the ground scouting

– Playing the wind 


The pandemic has had a negative impact on the NWTF, and they have launched a campaign called “Call For All”. This is an effort to raise additional funds to keep the organization afloat. If you are able to donate, follow one of the links below: 





Facebook and Instagram: @elevateyourgameradio 


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Manufacturers of the highest quality Tungsten Super Shot Ammunition commercially available. The guys at Apex were the first company to bring handloaded TSS to the consumer market. 



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