Apex Fireside

EP 99 – Roosting Turkeys w/ Dave Owens

April 30, 2021

– Intro

– Dave’s Spring 2021 plans

– What roosting a gobbler means

– How to determine the proper distance from a roosted gobbler

– Getting inside a turkeys bubble

– Calling 

– Afternoon/Evening roosting tactics


Pinhoti Project

Day by day semi live video series show casing the hunting of the wild turkey in a DIY fashion without the use of guides, outfitters or decoys. Dave and his friends show the working man that turkey hunting can be enjoyed without needing a lot of gadgets or private land to enjoy. The videos can be found on YouTube and the Mossy Oak Go App. 



Apex Ammunition 

Apex rolls some of the finest TSS turkey ammunition available to hunters. The team at Apex can help you get a load already offered to any custom turkey load you want. 



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EP 100 - Talkin' Turkey w/ The MAD Scientist Mark Drury

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