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EP 135 – First Turkey Alert ! w/ Heath and Lyla Hancock

April 7, 2023

Happy Friday Folks ! On this weeks Fireside chat Heath tells the story of his daughter Lyla’s first turkey that she killed this past weekend on the Kentucky Youth Hunt. This story will leave you on the edge of your seat as Heath and Lyla walk us through the exciting details of her first turkey! 

Some of the topics we dove into included: 

  • Weather leading up to the hunt
  • Oversleeping and adapting on the fly 
  • Setting up in the best location 
  • Heartbreak in the turkey woods
  • Why first turkeys are so special for adults and their kids 
  • Passing on hunting traditions to the next generation. 



Apex Ammunition 

The guys at Apex handload the highest quality TSS rounds available to the hunter today. There is a new load for the spring of 2023, Mossy Oak Greenleaf Turkey TSS.

Available in 3-inch, 12-Gauge, 2-1/4ounce & 3-inch, 20-Gauge, 1-5/8 ounce Loads. These Premium “Duplex” shells feature a combination of  No.9 and No.10 TSS, delivering  an exceptional payload 0f 1,096 pellets in 12-Gauge shells and 774 pellets in the 20-Gauge. With a density 0f 18.1 grams per cubic centimeter, the Apex Tungsten Super Shot loads hit with devastating energy. Each meticulously hand loaded shells features clean-burning powder and Apex’s one-piece tungsten-grade wad system engineered to deliver the tightest patterns possible and maximum barrel protection.



EP 134 - The Kid w/ Gavin and Jason Bryan

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