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EP 113 – Field To Plate w/ Matt Wettish and Van Hurd

January 29, 2022

On this weeks Fireside Chat, I am joined by Matt Wettish (Host of Real Outdoors TV) and Van Hurd (Hells Kitchen Master Chef). Van shares with us some of his tricks and tips of cooking wild game, while not over complicating the cooking process. Matt and Van will be working together to produce some very awesome wild game cooking videos in the near future. We also chat about what it means to be a hunter and the roots why we began hunting. 


Real Outdoors TV

Digital hunting and fishing show focued on sharing outdoor adventures with close family and friends! 



Apex Ammunition

Apex handloads TSS rounds in all available shotgun gauges. Their rounds produce the most consistent patterns that deliver the quickest and cleanest kill. 

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