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EP 111 – New Turkey Research w/ Will Gulsby and Chase Grubbs

January 14, 2022

On this weeks episode I am joined by Dr. Will Gulsby (Professor at Auburn University) and Chase Grubbs (Turkeys For Tomorrow), and they fill us in on the wild turkey research being funded by Turkeys For Tomorrow. Turkeys For Tomorrow is a new conservation organization dedicated to funding research projects for the wild turkey to identify why there has been a decline in their population across the country. 

Dr. Gulbsy shares an overview of the projects that are currently focused on gobbling chronology, male turkey fertility and a hen nesting study. 


Turkeys For Tomorrow (TFT)

TFT is dedicated to funding wild turkey research projects that will provide answers as to why the population has decreased across much of the country.  All donations made to TFT goes straight to wild turkey research, and not any administrative overhead. Please follow the link below if you are interested in supporting the cause: 



Apex Ammunition 

Apex handholds the highest quality TSS turkey ammunition available on the market today. There is currently a round up feature available when checking out on the Apex website, and the proceeds all go to Turkeys For Tomorrow! Pick up your favorite turkey TSS ammo and donate to turkey research. 




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