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EP 108 – Late Summer and Early Fall Coyote Hunting w/ Torry Cook

September 21, 2021

Join us on this weeks episode of Apex Fireside Radio as we talk coyote hunting and calling with Torry Cook.Torry shares with us some of his go to tips and tactics to be successful when hunting coyotes during the late summer and early fall timeframe. Torry is one of the most knowledgable and successful coyote callers in the country. Torry is the owner and founder of MFK Game calls. 


MFK Game Calls 

A comprehensive line-up of mouth calls for the turkey and coyote hunter. All calls are designed and hand made by world champion caller, Torry Cook. MFK also has a FREE instructional library of how to videos that will make you a more successful hunter. 




Apex Ammunition 

Waterfowl hunting has many variables, your shotshell should be the constant. Making the best patterning cartridge is the foundation of our business and product design. We offer the most diverse range of non-toxic shotshells, from Steel to TSS and everything in between, see why we’re the standard to which all others are measured against. From King Eiders in Alaska to double banded Mallards backpedaling over the decoys, we live to capitalize on that once-in-a-lifetime experience every time you pull the trigger.



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