TSS/S3 Steel Blend

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Can This Ship to You?

The TSS/S3 Steel model combines our S3 Steel with the added knockdown power of our world renowned Tungsten Super Shot (TSS). The “duplex,” also known as a blend, includes 1/4oz of our TSS, to maximize pattern density and help virtually eliminate cripples. When you look back on those hunts, you’ll know that little extra made all the difference.


12 gauge  3″ 1-5/16oz 1400 FPS (25 Cartridges per box)

20 gauge 3″ 1-1/8oz  1250 FPS (25 Cartridges per box)

3 reviews for TSS/S3 Steel Blend

  1. Destin B (verified owner)

    Hands down the best waterfowl shells on the market. Bought a a few boxes to try on my trip to Arkansas this past weekend and they blew me away. Super great product. Great pattern out of my Retay!

  2. Kile Jones

    Absolutely phenomenal waterfowl load.

  3. Cory Niccum

    Absolutely lights out waterfowl load. Best one I’ve found. We all want to shoot ducks at 15 yards and know we can do it with just about any load. Where I see the difference is the 2nd and 3rd shot following up. Absolutely packs a punch

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