Small Batch Series


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An American tradition is alive and well… Introducing the Small Batch Series.

For our first release, we created the world’s first 2 1/2″ 410 Bore TSS shotshell. Designed for maximum performance with minimum recoil, this cartridge is the perfect shell for those old 2 1/2″ 410 chambers, youth hunters or anyone who loves how our TSS has revolutionized the subgauge performance level. Designed from our innovative craftsmen and customer feedback, we brought the vision to light, together.

Loaded in both 9 or 9 1/2 shot and sent out of the barrel at a blistering 1215 FPS makes this a versatile round for turkey, waterfowl or upland hunting. We selectively trim high brass hulls to make sure they cycle in any gun and finish them with a smooth fold crimp and waterproof sealant for the most shot-to-shot consistency possible in all conditions.



9 SHOT: 225 

9 1/2 SHOT: 256 



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