Small Batch Series Private Label

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Can This Ship to You?

Our business model has always allowed us to be unique. We’re taking that one step further with our Small Batch Series Private Label

A fully unique cartridge designed by you, the customer, and built to our expectations. We know that sometimes you demand a shotshell privy to you and your adventure, thats why we’ve created a fully customizable line of TSS in all gauges from 10-410 and everything in between. From various payloads, shotsizes, or blends, you can create your own vision.

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  • Minimum Order 3 boxes 
    • Standard Turkey, Upland, Predator/Big Game are 5 rounds per box (410 bore are 10 rounds per box)
    • Standard Waterfowl are 10 rounds per box (25 rounds per box upon request)
  • TSS blends of multiple shot sizes will be determined by our makers in ratio and order for optimal performance
    • Special requests will be handled on case-by-case basis with the customer
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks from order submission for delivery
  • Subject to seasonal availability
  • Should you have a unique requirement or request, please call us at 662-441-2739 or email us at


*** 3″ 12ga not recommended for use with Remington V3***

1 review for Small Batch Series Private Label

  1. Bob Stokes (verified owner)

    I often have coyotes come to my turkey decoys and calling; this year I was using my Benelli Ultralight 20 gauge for turkeys using the 1 5/8 oz #9 turkey loads worked wonderfully on the turkeys. . I also wanted a load that would be suitable for coyotes so I had some private label loads made in 4 TSS. As I had expected two coyotes and one wolf attacked my decoys this year. The #4 TSS killed the coyotes cleanly at 40-45 yards, The wolf got a pass.

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