12ga 3″ 2-1/4oz

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***Not recommended for use with Remington V3***

By far our most popular 3″ 12 gauge model. Loaded with 2 1/4oz of TSS, you can choose either 7 1/2, 8 or 9 shot and send the most pellets down range possible. We broke the mold on this one with one thing in mind, create the most lethal 3″ 12 gauge shotshell the world has ever seen. We selectively trim these hulls to make sure they cycle in any gun and finish them with a smooth roll crimp for the most shot-to-shot consistency possible



9 SHOT: 814 

8 SHOT: 570 

7.5 SHOT: 495 

7 reviews for 12ga 3″ 2-1/4oz

  1. Derrick (verified owner)

    Awesome great patterns

  2. LVANHOLS (verified owner)

    Turkey hunting is challenging enough without having to worry about the effectiveness of your ammunition. APEX patterns are unmatched, have impeccable attention to detail, superior quality products, and best of all owned and operated by Veterans! There is NO other product even comparable on the market. Keep it going APEX!

  3. Parks Small (verified owner)

    If I could post pics of my Apex targets compared to all the brands of shot I have, no words would be needed. Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks to get top quality shot. Your empty wall will not be that way for long.

  4. Jason wilson

    If this is anything like, the 410 shells I got it should be amazing! But what I real like is a small company Built by and for hunters! Keep up the great work!

  5. Joshua Nicoli (verified owner)

    Great Product! Bought a box of the 9’s to try, shipping was fast and the pattern was excellent. Just closed out my season with this shell and I am sold on the product! Keeping my eyes open for this shell and others to become available so I can stock up. You will not be disappointed with APEX!

  6. Lloyd Stanley (verified owner)

    I bought two boxes of 3” 2 1/4 oz number 9’s just before turkey season started. I was amazed to find them in stock so close to the season. Hats of to Apex for keeping shells in stock when so much ammo isn’t. So far this season I’am 6 for 6 on spring gobblers. I travel and hunt in different states. If you are thinking about buying Apex shells, stop and just pull the trigger and get them. All I can say is WOW!! I also purchased 4 boxes of the 20 gauge 1 5/8 oz load. I have decided to put down the 12 and start with the 20. If they do as good as the 12 gauge load my shoulder will be happy. Not only are the shells the best I have shot they also give a military discount, and come in a great wooden box if you order enough. Thanks Apex.

  7. Ryan Leftwich (verified owner)

    Best turkey ammo ever. I’ve killed multiple grand slams with bow and gun and this ammo is the best. Awesome patterns and effective out to 60 yards with number 9 shot. Federal TSS is absolutely excellent but Apex is better.

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