20ga 3″ 1-5/8oz

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5.00 out of 5

Can This Ship to You?

“20 is the new 12.”.  This is the cartridge that started the revolution. Pack out in the field with a lighter platform but take with you superior power, range and accuracy.  Our 20 Gauge round is 20:1 our most popular product. With 1 5/8 oz, hard-hitting TSS is sent down range at 1175 FPS. The patterns are unmatched, the results are proven. Now see why everyone is making the switch!

Shot count per shot size:

#9: 590

#8: 410

#7.5: 358


Details: •Apex Ammunition GT-20 3” 1 5/8oz 20ga load of #9 TSS •Winchester 1300 20ga Youth Model •Indian Creek BDS .555” Choke •40 yards

11 reviews for 20ga 3″ 1-5/8oz

  1. Review This Thing

    If I could give these shells 6 stars I would. These things are amazing in all aspects. If you’d like to watch my full YouTube Review, click this link: https://youtu.be/cKSVDsC9dhA

  2. Jake Stanisch (verified owner)

    These loads are a GAME CHANGER. This ammunition has given me the confidence to carry a lighter turkey gun, while not sacrificing 12 gauge performance. I don’t ever see myself carrying a 12 gauge again. Chamber a round and see for
    Yourself, you won’t regret it!

  3. Tyler Welch (verified owner)

    I can’t explain enough how confident these shells will make you after seeing it on paper! Astounding!!

  4. Larry Kirk (verified owner)

    Great company putting out an amazing product.

  5. David Esskuchen (verified owner)

    Just smoked a Osceola with these shells. Shooting great patterns with a Winchester Sx3 long beard with .555 IC and .570 IC. I won’t shoot anything else out of the 20g

  6. Clayton Cannon (verified owner)

    5 star ammo, 5 star company. Best shell in the game by far!

  7. RICH NICHOLS (verified owner)

    Excellent pattern. Will let the 12 gauge home this year.

  8. David Ketchum (verified owner)

    By far the best turkey loads I have ever used. I will not use anything else but these in the future for Turkey hunting.

  9. Brock Lind (verified owner)

    Awesome patterns. Out preforms the big ammo makers by far. Killed my first bird ever with a 20 gauge the other day. Benelli m2, Rob Roberts 560, and Apex 9 shot. This stuff is the real deal. Thanks guys

  10. Gary Smith

    I switched from my Rem 12ga. 11-87 to a Rem 20ga. 870, using Apex 3″ 1 5/8 oz. #9. I use the Rem super full choke (.665) and the kill numbers were almost 90 at 40 yards. Bottom line, Apex has dialed in the right recipe for turkey ammo PERIOD! Scoring the Apex ammo from a 1 to 10 if I were extremely critical, I’d give it a 15!

  11. John Peacock (verified owner)

    Wish I had 4 arms. I would give them 4 thumbs up!!!! I completed my first Grand slam in 2021. I was using Apex 20 gauge, 3 inch, #9 shot.
    I killed three birds at 40yds and the Merriam was at 10 steps. Apex is AWESOME! I will never shoot another brand of turkey shells. If you are looking for a quality made product made in America by Veterans, This is your shell.

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