Hunt Quest – Season 2

Hunt Quest is a new show by Apex Pro Staff Manager, Scott Ellis. Scott is a renowned Champion turkey caller and has helped thousands across the nation with his instructional videos on YouTube, his DVDs Mouth Call Magic 1 and 2. As well his new App Turkey Tech. His new show breaths life into the story telling aspect of hunting. Follow Scott along with friends and family across the US hunting all types of game animals. Enjoy!

Season 2: Episode 1: Ducks, Hogs and Osceola

Ducks, Hogs and Osceola Turkeys with Osceola Outdoors

Season 2: Episode 2: South of the Border

South of the Border- Goulds

Season 2: Episode 3: Osceola #2

Osceola #2 for Jake Ellis

Season 2: Episode 4: Jake's first buck

Jake's first buck and Jackie's 160" Kansas bow buck!

Season 2: Episode 5: The struggle is REAL!

The struggle is REAL! South Carolina Gobbler quest

Season 2: Episode 6: Georgia Gobble Fest!

Georgia Gobble Fest!

Season 2: Episode 7: North Carolina Long beards

North Carolina Long beards