Ballistics Tests

100 Yard Coyote Shotgun Load Apex TSS Ammo 12 Gauge | Part 1

Nito Mortera of AP2020 Outdoors puts our PK-3 BB's 1.5 oz against ballistics gel and distance. Is it a solid 100 yard coyote load?

100 Yard Coyote Shotgun Load Proof Jello Apex TSS Ammo | Part 2

Nito is back at it test our PK-3 BB rounds designed for predators in ballistic gel at 100 yards! See the outcome here.

Benelli M2 20ga Turkey Loads Apex Ammo TSS | Part 6

Benelli M2 20 ga Turkey Loads

Benelli SBE Thermal Coyote Apex TSS SloMo Recoil Study

Thermal Recoil study on this coyote kill