The greatest advance in shotshell performance history has been TSS. Due to its density, uniformity, and hardness, TSS is the most lethal USFWS non-toxic approved alloy ever created and put into a cartridge. In this […]

Patterning your shotgun is one of the most essential things we can do in the off season. While a very common practice for turkey hunters, waterfowl, upland and predator hunters tend to see it as […]

Since we started this journey in 2017, we’ve proudly shared our story with everyone we can. From our initial launch almost 4 years ago, we’ve strived to showcase the power of the most non-toxic alloy […]

Written By: Nick Charney The Ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes was tasked by the king of Syracuse to determine if a crown he had built out of gold was indeed 100% pure. The king had heard […]