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Episode 81 – Hunting Grouse With A Flushing Dog w/ Ric Heller II

October 17, 2020

– Priortizing Your time afield

– Ric’s dog preference

– Training flushing dogs for grouse hunting

– Reading your dog

– Ric’s favorite grouse recipes


Grouse Commander

Grouse Commander Website

Grouse Commander is all about brother’s Ric and Fritz’s love for Northern Michigan (and other states) grouse hunting and everything it has to offer. This is a place to celebrate and support the times and memories that mean the most to us and hope that you will enjoy the ride right alongside!


Apex Ammunition

These guys were the first company to bring TSS ammunition to the consumer market. They have now released the Private Label Series in their Small Batch Line-up. The Private Label Series allows you to create a fully customized TSS shotshell to your exact specifications.

Apex Ammunition


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Helping the obsessed outdoorsman and woman increase their hunting, fishing and shooting knowledge one episode at a time!





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